May 27, 2024

Why Enroll Today?

Here are the leading reasons we can improve  your audio recording skills!

1 — Our “hands on” and semi-custom method means you learn what you need more completely and quickly than through other methods.

2 — Utilize three studios of varying size and specialty. This isn’t a one room fits all artistic audio course, staged at a modestly-equipped facility. Cue Recording has been in high demand for over a quarter of a century.  With numerous platinum records and “Best Studio” awards, you’re guaranteed to learn where major label artists and celebrities record and mix.  This is a REAL RECORDING STUDIO experience! –  Not a boring classroom full of tightly spaced, computer workstations.

3 — Learn alongside active practitioners, on their current projects, in a top-notch studio. This isn’t learning theory in a bubble! Get to see many of the tricks in real time action. Learn by experiential training where you touch, twist, push, and mouse around the best audio gear in the business!

4 — Receive the tools you need to be a better audio engineer. Enjoy the Modern Recording Techniques textbook, and the latest ProTools Official Courseware. Both books are included in the two avocational audio courses.

5 — Scheduling is flexible, with day, night and weekends available. Leading professionals, like platinum and Billboard hit doctor Ken Schubert, with be at the instructor’s.  Act now to get on their calendars!

6 — Mix a real project during the course of your training!

A Tremendous Value.

Priced between $3,250and $5,950, our two avocational courses are affordable and extremely helpful with students learning their art form of recording musical audio and/or setting up their own home studios.