November 12, 2019

Proper Microphone Placement

All microphones are not created equal.

Proper Microphone Placement Proper Microphone Placement

Studio Session Setups

Students preparing for an upcoming recording session.

Studio Session Setups Studio Session Setups

Digital Workstation Fundamentals

A CSCAE student learning in Control Room "A".

Digital Workstation Fundamentals Digital Workstation Fundamentals

Hearing Mic Placement Changes

Dynamic, condenser, ribbon and PZM microphone differences.

Hearing Mic Placement Changes Hearing Mic Placement Changes

Learning How to Use “Outboard Gear”

Hands-on with analog and digital outboard processing gear.

Learning How to Use “Outboard Gear” Learning How to Use "Outboard Gear"

Refining Microphone Placements

Different musical instruments and their microphone solutions.

Refining Microphone Placements Refining Microphone Placements

One of the Center’s (6) Audio Studios

Platinum winning instructor Ken Schubert provides on-on-one instruction with a new student in Studio A.

One of the Center’s (6) Audio Studios One of the Center's (6) Audio Studios

Mixing and Solo Instrument Tracking


Mixing and Solo Instrument Tracking Mixing and Solo Instrument Tracking

“In the Studio” with YOU.


“In the Studio” with YOU. "In the Studio" with YOU.

Heaphone Cues

Keeping the client happy during the recording process.

Heaphone Cues Heaphone Cues

Learn Acoustical Differences

Mic types & placements change with different studio environments/acoustics.

Learn Acoustical Differences Learn Acoustical Differences

In’s and Out’s of Digital Recording Software


In’s and Out’s of Digital Recording Software In's and Out's of Digital Recording Software

Mood, Attitude and Your Client’s Comfort

Proper studio habits surpass great audio. Learn client's staff expectations.

Mood, Attitude and Your Client’s Comfort Mood, Attitude and Your Client's Comfort

Studio A – Lectures/Techniques

An advanced studio environment to hone your skills.

Studio A – Lectures/Techniques Studio A - Lectures/Techniques

Commanding the Workstation


Commanding the Workstation Commanding the Workstation

“One on One” Audio Engineering (100 Hour Private Program):

All of our private programs have similar course descriptions, though differ in their respective degrees and intensity of audio engineering theory and application. Course description: This 100 hour option is our most sought after program where the student works privately with the instructor and focuses on various areas of audio engineering.  During discussions and an interview with the … [Read More...]

Audio Engineering (Introduction and Advanced Programs, Group Classes) Enrollment Now Open for September Classes

NEW COURSE HOURS for our 55 hour "Introduction to Audio Engineering Program".  Begins November 19th, Mondays and Wednesdays from from 10:00am - 2:00pm or 6:30pm - 10:30pm.  (For our 100 hour group program - please call to schedule.) Outline:  Choose either "55 hours - Introduction to Audio Engineering" or "100 hours - Advanced Audio Engineering". These programs are comprehensive … [Read More...]

Studio and Home Recording Seminar – October 13th, Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm $199

Recording Seminar:  Held in Cue's Studio "A", on October 13th, Saturday,  from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm with a midway break.  This  (5) hour course taught by Jim Ebert (a multi-platinum awarded engineer) occurs in a limited class setting. Learn about studio techniques, recording concepts, and equipment types - including microphones, mic pre's, compressors, studio monitors, analog and digital recording … [Read More...]

Combo “One on One” Instruction: Audio Engineering & Music Producing Programs (180 hours)

Our most diversified educational option, which  provides an excellent audio engineering course coupled with a  music producing course.  This curriculum is designed for those seeking a position or career in either field, thus providing a broader and more complete recording industry education. Course #1 description: "Audio Engineering (100 hours)" The first part of the program delivers a … [Read More...]

Cue Studios Audio Engineering School in the NEWS

Article from the "Falls Church City Newpress: For anyone who has ever wanted to learn to record music, or just want to know how recordings are made, Cue Recording Studios in downtown Falls Church has a school that offers classes in audio engineering and music production. Cue Recording Studios opened 30 years ago and has been at its current Falls Church location for 25 years. During this time, … [Read More...]

Become a Music Producer (80 hours)

Taught by Gold & Platinum awarded producer Jim Ebert (clients include Butch Walker / Marvelous 3, SR-71, Toni Braxton, Honor By August, Madonna, HR of The Bad Brains, and hundreds of other national and local artists) in Cue’s legendary studios. Learn production skills and techniques from a real pro, record and produce a real band, and experience first hand how to “produce” great recordings … [Read More...]

Education Week Highlights Hands-on Learning

A new study from Purdue University has shed some light on how to most effectively engage students in technology and engineering at a young age. Research shows that students have "a deeper understanding" of concepts learned in a hands-on environment than what can be digested through more traditional lecture-based lessons. This is especially true in students for whom English is not the first … [Read More...]

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