October 25, 2020

About Cue

Located in a gold and platinum award winning recording facility…

Cue’s Studio’s Center for Audio Engineering (CSCAE) was created from our desire to help nurture aspiring audio engineers and producers learn the skilled art of recording and mixing sound and music.  As an accomplished studio, Cue has long been the choice for hundreds of major label recording artists and celebrities.

In 1995 we began our instructional engineering division for those seeking careers and knowledge in the audio and music industry.   After years of advancing numerous students through our “one on one” programs, we chose to create the CSCAE school thus taking our educational philosophy to the next stage.   Striving to provide our students with stellar educations, we became certified to operate as a school by (SCHEV), the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. This ensured our compliance with State academic requirements while instilling confidence in our reputation as an outstanding learning environment.  As the pandemic has affected many businesses ways of previously operating, we have chosen to close our career based school and offer now only avocational, non-career based courses and instruction.

CSCAE and Cue Recording Studios are owned and operated by Jeff Jeffrey, the original founder who maintains the vision and quality of Cue’s fundamental principles and goals to this day.

The school offers courses which are “customized” to each student’s specific engineering and production needs instead of following a more traditional curriculum.  Our teachers are also accomplished, experienced audio engineers that currently work in the recording industry.  Our high standards for teaching and studio credentials ensure CSCAE’s leading role in audio education.  This is just one area where Cue stands apart from typical schools… another is our cutting-edge equipment and up-to-date audio software programs.  Students learn most effectively and enjoy skill retention through repetitive practice.  We apply this learning concept by immersing the student in numerous “hands-on” sessions.

CSCAE’s gold and platinum-winning studios are the students’ private classrooms — including four stellar facilities where Billboard hit artists, major record labels, producers, United States presidential candidates, senators, movie stars, American Idol winners, nationally acclaimed engineers and producers have recorded and mixed for over three decades.

Cue’s clients and visiting artists include some of the best known talents and brands in the entertainment industry and beyond: Bruno Mars. Sheryl Crow. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd).  Michael Jackson. Dave Matthews Band. Toni Braxton. Michael Buble’. Lyle Lovett. National Geographic Society. Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chicks). Bad Brains. AOL. New Edition. Metal Blade Records. Mariah Carey. Bishop Desmond Tutu. Rick Santorum. Fox Television. Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix). Geffen Records. Island Records. American Idol winners David Cook and Clay Aiken. Columbia Records. Mercury Records. Alligator Records. MCA Records. 311. Henry Rollins Band. Mary J. Blige. Madonna. Bruno Mars. Boyz 2 Men. Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel). Discovery Channel. Pat McGee Band. AT&T. Sony Records. A&M Records. Arista Records. Atlantic Records. Tommy Boy Records. London Records. Imago Records. EMI Records, and many more.

Tuition is a tremendous value, ranging from $4,750 to $7,750.Our belief is quality education doesn’t have to be expensive if administered intelligently and efficiently.

We encourage potential students, families, and other interested parties to schedule a tour and observe first-hand why CSCAE is the optimum destination for those seeking enhance their audio engineering skills.  Contact us today for more information on the path to personal success that’s right for you. 703/532-9033


Jeff Jeffrey
President, CEO