May 27, 2024

Audio Engineering Courses

We offer two avocational audio engineering courses.  These courses include customized “one one one” private instruction with just you and the instructor as well as small classes for students who prefer group settings.  Course hours include studio instruction, both hands-on and lecture, learning lab time to practice your new skills, and unassisted “mixing” time where you’re in the driver’s seat “unassisted” practicing your  new audio engineering skills in one of our studios.

Private "One On One" avocational courses

Courses (click the below links for course descriptions)DurationFees
“One on One Audio Engineering Course
45 Hours$3,250.00
“One on One” Audio Engineering Course75 Hours$5,950.00

Class Dates

DescriptionChoose Start DateWeekly Timeframe
Private ClassesWeeklyCall to schedule convenient class days / times - 703 532 9033

Don't Forget

Important Details
All courses include a studio engineering textbook, a Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 Reference Manual PDF, and a CSCAE workbook.
Courses must be scheduled in 3 - 4 hour class sessions. We recommend one class, two days a week though will do our best to accommodate the student's scheduling needs.