May 27, 2024

“One on One” Audio Engineering Course (75 Hours)

Our two private audio engineering courses have similar descriptions, though differ in length.

Instructor Ken Schubert working one-on-one with an engineering student

Instructor Ken Schubert working one-on-one with in Studio “A”.

Course description:

This 75 hour option is our most sought after avocational course where the  student works privately with the instructor and focuses on various areas of audio engineering and studio use.

During discussions and an interview with the student, we semi-custom tailor a course that addresses their individual desires, taking into account their current level of audio engineering skills, and provide to each student the David Miles Huber “Modern Recording Techniques” book, a “Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 PDF Reference Manual”, and a Cue Studios Center for Audio Engineering workbook.

Program time allotment:

– (65) hours of “ONE ON ONE” instruction with the engineer/instructor in both Cue’s control rooms and studios.  The student will learn how to setup the studio, mic instruments and vocalists, work with musicians, use outboard processing gear (EQs, compressors, Effects, and plug-ins) get headphone mixes, and record and mix a REAL band or solo musician in the industry standard PRO TOOLS recording system.

– (5) hours of Studio C time where the student can practice their new audio engineering skills.

– (5) hours of unassisted “mixdown” time in Studio “A” or “B” at the instructor’s determination.

– Free use (5) hours after the completed course where the student can practice “solo” in Studio C (control room and studio) using Pro Tools HD, microphones, outboard gear, and instruments.

Topics covered include:

  • Instrument setup and preparation
  • Selecting the best microphone for your instrument or voice
  • Audio signal processors and use in the home studio
  • Analog and digital?
  • Recording, editing and mixing
  • Mixing boards and personal software controllers
  • Which speakers and why?
  • Acoustics and budget design.

Schedule a free interview

Call our studio manager at 703 532 9033 to schedule a meeting with an instructor.  You’ll meet in the studio/classroom and observe first-hand the environment and equipment used in your program.

Fee:  $5,950

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  1. Thanks John! We’re glad you enjoyed the program and found such value in our “one on one” audio engineering course. Let us know how we can help in the future with your career path.

  2. John Holsinger says

    Ken’s patience was wonderful – especially for someone like me who has to ask a question 3 times in order to understand something! The-one-on-one classes let me learn at my own pace, which is perfect for a hands-on experience like this. Not only is Ken very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of recording, he also gives great advice about the production and business aspects as well. This class is one of the best introductions to audio engineering in the area and a solid foundation on which a person can base a career on if they put in the effort. The certification put me on the map of several employers in my area. Definitely worth it – I’m glad I did it.