July 10, 2020

Combo “One on One” Instruction: Audio Engineering & Music Producing Programs (180 hours)

Our most diversified educational option, which  provides an excellent audio engineering course coupled with a  music producing course.  This curriculum is designed for those seeking a position or career in either field, thus providing a broader and more complete recording industry education.

Course #1 description: “Audio Engineering (100 hours)”

The first part of the program delivers a comprehensive audio engineering education, with the student primarily working “one on one” with the instructor. During discussions and an interview with the student, we custom tailor a program which includes theory and extensive “hands on” training addressing their individual goals, taking into account their current level of audio engineering skills and education, in preparation for entry into the professional audio industry or running their own studio. Program enrollment includes Avid Pro Tools software and an Avid recording system interface, with the 7th edition David Miles Huber “Recording Studio Handbook” and a “Pro Tools Official Courseware Manual”.

Program time allotment:

– (75) hours of intensive “one on one” instruction with the engineer/instructor in both Cue’s control rooms and studios.  Included in this time is the recording and mixing of a “real recording artist”.

– (20) hours of Learning Lab time where the student practices and hones his or her new audio engineering skills.  Assignments are given along with general experimentation of various audio processing, recording and mixing software.

– (5) hours of unassisted “mixdown” time in Studio “A” or “B” where the student is in the “driver’s seat”.  Building confidence and fluency with their command of engineering in the control room is achieved most effectively through repetitive implementation of their new skills.

Topics typically covered include:

  • Studio setup application and theory
  • Microphone selection and placement
  • Audio signal processors :  Mic preamps, equalizers, compressors, limiters, and multi-effects generators – with an emphasis on both analog rack mount units and software “plug-ins”
  • Analog and digital recording systems
  • Recording, editing and mixing
  • Analog and digital mixing consoles
  • Studio monitors and the critical listening environment
  • Acoustics and waveforms
  • Studio psychology and managing client expectations

Course #2 description: “Music Producing / Production  (80 hours)”

Many audio engineers find it to their advantage to be knowledgeable  in the art of producing music.  This allows them to work more constructively with their clients music as well as their recordings.  In the studio, it’s not uncommon for the client to ask the audio engineer “hey, what do you think of that last take?” Or,  “is there a better way I can approach my performance?”

Instead of answering this question “I’m not a producer”, you’ll now be able to offer helpful suggestions and other advice on achieving the best “performance” as well as the best recording. The below video provides a preview of what you’ll be covering and doing in the music production portion of this program:

The “One on One” Music Production component of this program covers (65) hours of lecture/studio instruction and (15) hours of lab time:

  • Musician studio direction and relations
  • Budget development and analysis
  • Studio musician contracting
  • Song and track development & enhancements
  • In depth vocal tuning and pitch correction
  • Sound replacement for various instruments
  • Achieving complimentary drum sounds and amp tones for the song styles
  • Use of specialized rhythm and timing “plug-ins”
  • And many other facets of being a real producer that serious recording artists and engineers frequently need.

The student will learn from A multi-platinum awarded engineer/producer/instructor.

Additionally, we facilitate discussions pertaining to industry related “job and career” requirements, peripheral knowledge and skills that accentuate the applicants credentials, and a mock-up job interview with the school’s director and studio owner, Jeff Jeffrey.

Upon successful completion of the 180 hour program, Cue Studios’ Center for Audio Engineering awards a “Certificate of Completion” to the passing student.

During and after the course, the student is encouraged to participate in Cue’s internship program to observe and render tasks while gaining first hand knowledge of the inner workings of a successful recording studio business.

Schedule a free interview

If you’re serious about your audio education, call our course administrator at 703 532 9033 to schedule a meeting with an instructor.  You’ll meet in the studio/classroom and observe first-hand the environment and equipment used in your program.

Fee:  $13,350

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